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Shielded Systems - A wholly owned subsidiary of Network Intelligence India – develops solutions within the domain of information security. Our products help customers automate various security processes.

Our main product offerings are:

Firesec® - Firewall Configuration and Management

With limited resources and numerous constraints it is difficult to understand which aspects of your firewall program and vulnerability management program need your direct attention, and how do you prioritize your mitigation efforts. A correctly configured and installed firewall acts as a first line of defense in your organizations security posture. Firesec is a rule based analysis tool that makes firewall related security audits easier and ensures that all network devices like a firewall are configured securely, optimally and in compliance to standards such as PCI DSS.

InSight® - Vulnerability Management Suite

Organizations invest large amounts of money in building network infrastructures to support their business goals and objectives. With the increase in the number of users in an organization, managing the users and devices in the network and securing them has become complex thus making it difficult to deal with security issues. InSight is a vulnerability management platform where you can manage your assets, assess their vulnerabilities, determine compliance status, and adopt an effective workflow to address the discovered vulnerabilities so that they are mitigated in time.

Siren® - Commercial Honeynets

When it comes to getting real insights into the attacks on your networks it often seems that with more logs and more packets being swooped up we are often adopting a boil-the-ocean approach. Compare this to the pointed insights that can come through from a full-stack commercial honeypot deployed in your network. And what if the honeypot also changes its nature and appearance periodically. So what appears as an IT Department file server for a few weeks could be modified to appear as a Unix jump server or even a web-based application with a vulnerable Tomcat instance running on it. More soon…